At this point, we're well aware that the future of motorcycle lies in electrification. However, there is still a happy medium between traditionally powered gasoline engines and zero-emission electric motors in the form of alternative fuels. Several automotive and motorcycle manufacturers such as Porsche, Ducati, and Kawasaki have all committed towards the research and development of alternative fuels alongside EV production. 

In racing, emissions regulations are much more lenient. This isn't to say, however, that they are non-existent. MotoGP, the premiere class of global motorcycle racing, has recently announced that it will soon be takings steps towards reducing its carbon footprint. We've seen this before with the use of electric scooters at the paddocks, effectively replacing the conventional gasoline powered mopeds we used to see in previous years. This time around, the change concerns the bikes themselves, and it could likely be the biggest change we will see in the racing series. 

Austin MotoGP COTA - 3

Starting 2024, MotoGP seeks to integrate the use of alternative fuels. The organization has set the target that at least 40 percent of all fuel used, across all categories, be of non-fossil origin. The MotoGP likewise seeks to achieve 100-percent fossil fuel independence by 2027. The way this will be implemented will be through the initiatives of the manufacturers, as well as their respective fuel suppliers. Various solutions and concoctions can be developed and tested in the racing environment. The ultimate goal would be for these alternative fuels to see mass-production, and eventually make their way to the general public. 

Another interesting aspect to consider would be the competition between manufacturers and suppliers. Surely, both OEMs and fuel suppliers will be hard at work to develop the best fuel and engine combos to strike the perfect balance between power, efficiency, and longevity. Both the Moto2 and Moto3 classes, too, will begin adopting alternative fuels alongside the MotoGP starting in 2024. 

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