It’s EICMA Eve, everyone! By this time tomorrow (November 23, 2021), EICMA’s first media day will be upon us. To celebrate, the show’s organizers are once again hosting a contest for participants both online and in-person on the EICMA show floor. What can you win? A new bike on display at the show—but the twist is, everyone voting will decide which bike goes home with the winner. 

What can you vote on? Why, the most beautiful bike at EICMA 2021, of course! For 2021, EICMA’s press day opens at 8:30 a.m. on November 23. From that time through 12:00 p.m. on November 28, 2021, votes for the most beautiful bike at the show will be accepted via the official website, as well as on the show floor if you’re attending EICMA 2021 in person. 

All residents of Italy (and who currently live there) are invited to vote, with a few exclusions. Minors, employees of the promotional company, and anyone who has a collaborative and/or dependent relationship with the promoting company, and/or with ICTlabs SpA and/or their family members may not participate. Only one vote per person will be accepted. 

The final drawing will take place on November 28, 2021, at EICMA. At that time, one motorcycle with an average value of €15,000 Euros will be awarded to the winner of this contest. It will be whichever motorcycle wins the most votes from the total number of participants who cast ballots throughout the event.  

If the bike voted most beautiful by the public is not yet in production, the promoting company reserves the right to replace it with another bike of equal value, as long as it is produced by the same OEM. The promoting company will also pay all on-road costs for the winner to take home their prize and enjoy it. Any motorcycle awarded to the winner cannot be exchanged for cash, gold, or any other monetary compensation from the promoter. Once the prize winner is drawn, and appropriate proof of identity is sent to the promoter, the motorcycle prize will be delivered to the winner within the following 180 days.  

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