Standing out at EICMA is never an easy task. There’s always so much to take in, and all kinds of new and exciting offerings from companies across the motorcycle industry to consider. In an effort to further build excitement ahead of EICMA 2021, VMoto offered a tantalizing glimpse at its first-ever premium electric motorcycle, as well as telling us its name: Stash. 

For those unfamiliar, VMoto is the name for the company’s soon-to-be-introduced premium brand, differentiating it from VMoto Soco and its entry level VMoto Super Soco brand. Is it a bit like a kid named Daniel deciding he only wants to be called Dan and not Danny any longer?  

That’s not clear, but what’s extremely evident from this teaser shot is that VMoto has been taking notes on how Ducati likes to tease its upcoming bikes. The headlight draws your attention, while the footlights leading up to it give the appearance of a runway. Look closely and you’ll see the suggestion of a bit of fairing to either side of the headlight, as well as a tiny hint of reflectors at the base of the fork legs, just before you get to the front wheel. Can you feel your anticipation building? 


So far, VMoto hasn’t released any further details about the Stash, other than confirming that it’s “the first [model] entirely conceived and designed in Europe with first-rate technical solutions.” We note that it doesn’t say it was built in Europe.  

We also wonder if that statement indicates usage of premium European components such as brakes and suspension? Just how premium does VMoto intend for this line of bikes to be? Hopefully, since EICMA 2021 is now less than two weeks away as we write this on November 12, we won't have long to wait before finding out. 

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