It’s October 26, 2021, and there’s less than a month to go before EICMA 2021 lights up the motorcycle world with the latest and greatest that OEMs have to share with us all. Are you familiar with Hitachi Astemo, though? No worries if you’re not, because it’s a pretty new company made up of some familiar names you’ll definitely recognize. It, too, is planning to bring all its new newness to EICMA 2021 so we can all get acquainted. 

What is Hitachi Astemo? It’s a joint technology venture between Hitachi Limited and Honda Motor Company. It traces its birth as an entity all the way back to January 1, 2021. At that time, Hitachi Automotive Systems merged with three separate companies Honda had interests in: Nissin Kogyo, Keihin, and Showa. 

While you may not have previously thought about the name Hitachi with regards to motorcycles, chances are excellent that you’re quite familiar with Nissin, Keihin, and Showa. That’s why Hitachi Astemo says it plans to showcase next-gen products and technologies in the motorcycle realm at its EICMA 2021 booth. 

To that end, there will be three areas at the Hitachi Astemo booth for visitors to explore. The Synergy Technologies Area will feature a demo motorcycle featuring integrated control technologies working together. These include riding, cornering, and braking, laying out a combined integration of powertrain, suspension, and brake systems all working together for the best possible rider experience. (No word yet on if that demo bike will be a Honda model of some kind, but that option would make the most sense, wouldn’t it?) 

The Next Generation Powertrain Area (that’s Hitachi Astemo’s actual name for it) will show off a concept model of Hitachi Astemo’s electric motorcycle powertrain. Additional environmental sustainability technology will be on display as well, but presumably that electric motorbike powertrain will be the star of the segment. 

Finally, there will be an Aftermarket Products Area, showcasing some of the best Keihin, Nissin, and Showa-branded products that the companies have to offer riders and technicians. As with every other company attending the event, we look forward to seeing all the interesting developments to come out of EICMA 2021 in just under one month’s time. 

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