A thoroughly negative stigma surrounding made-in-China motorcycles continues to exist today, and for good reason. For decades, a good number of China-made products in the motorcycle, automotive, and consumer electronics industries boasted questionable quality at best, and often reeked of copyright infringement as blatant knock-offs.

However, there are a few notable Chinese motorcycle makers that have proven that they are, to a certain degree, capable of coming up with their own original machines with acceptable performance and reliability. Brands like Benelli and CFMoto are fast becoming accepted as mainstream players in the global motorbike market. With that, other newcomers from the region are looking to follow these brands' footsteps. Could Jinan Jedi and its latest K750 Concept be a contender?

Jedi K750

Jinan Jedi used to supply motorcycles to China's police and security sector, however, the company has decided to foray into the consumer market. Its first model, the K750, is nothing short of a looker. The concept bike was unveiled at the recently held China International Motorcycle Exhibition, and looks to be very close to production-ready. Quite frankly, it's unlike any production bike we've ever seen before, and sports an ultra-futuristic full fairing, and an overall sporty stance. Its styling looks like that of a science-fiction-inspired electric motorcycle, although it has nothing to do with Star Wars, as its name may initially suggest. 

Beneath its deceptively streamlined exterior lies a rather conventional power plant. The K750 is equipped with a 730cc parallel-twin motor which has been in circulation in Jinan Jedi's existing model lineup for some time now. Designated the JD283MV, this DOHC parallel-twin pumps out around 68 horsepower and 49 ft-lbs of torque, giving it similar performance to the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja 650. It would certainly be interesting to see the Jedi K750 become a reality in the near future. This bike will definitely catch the attention of the younger generation, especially in Asia, given its radical styling and decent performance. 

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