Love them or hate them, there's no denying that Chinese-made motorcycles have been picking up steam over the past couple of years. With serious players such as Benelli, and even KTM and BMW outsourcing some of its production to the Asian country, bikes have become more affordable and accessible to more riders. Now, whether or not the old adage concerning the poor build quality of made-in-China products holds true really is a case-to-case basis.  

One manufacturer in particular which seeks to amp up its presence in the European market is CFMoto. Now, you may be familiar with their off-road four-wheelers in the ATV and UTV powersports segments in the North American market. However, in all other markets, CFMoto has developed quite a footprint with its street-legal motorcycles. Avid readers would be familiar with the KTM 790 Adventure-derived CFMoto 800MT—the long awaited fruit of the partnership between the Chinese and Austrian companies. In Europe, Germany in particular, CFMoto has expanded its model range with the introduction of the 700 CL-X. 

2020 CFMoto 700CL-X

The 700 CL-X is a retro-style naked bike which has clearly been inspired by the neo-retro scramblers which are all the rage among young, hipster riders of today. It clearly wants to make a name for itself in the middleweight segment, locking horns with the likes of the Yamaha XSR700 and Ducati Scrambler Icon. The CFMoto, however, boasts some thoroughly premium features such as self-cancelling turn signals, full-LED lighting, and fully adjustable suspension. All this tech almost does a good job of concealing the rather boring, albeit punchy powerplant which consists of a 180-degree lawn mower-sounding 693cc engine that pumps out 71 ponies. 

The 700 CL-X has been listed on CFMoto's official website for the German market, however, pricing has yet to be officially announced. For reference, the bike retails for 6,400, or roughly $7,552 Euros in Italy, and 7,100 Euros, or $8,378 in the Netherlands. Whatever its final price tag for the German market may be, it will certainly be a budget-friendly offering in the retro segment. 

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