Fair or not, many motorcyclists are leery of Chinese-made models. While some brands still have quality control issues, Benelli has earned the trust of riders around the world. The Italian-designed, Chinese-produced brand already celebrated a record financial year in Australia and New Zealand earlier in 2021. Now, it seems the famous Italian marque is taking care of business at home as well.

Totaling 3,649 units sold between January 1 and June 30, 2021, the TRK 502 adventure bike just set a new record for the 110-year-old brand. In just six months, the middleweight ADV outsold itself in all of 2020, when Benelli moved 3,569 TRK 502 units. Despite lower sales figures than the first six months of 2021, the TRK 502 was still Benelli’s best-seller in 2020.

“This is an extraordinary result and we are really proud of it,” stated Benelli Italy Sales Manager Gianni Monini. “This performance is further confirmation of the choices we have made in the recent past, in wanting to give an increasing number of people the opportunity to enter the world of motorcycles. This is the greatest satisfaction for us!“


While the TRK’s overall performance is impressive, the sales breakdown paints a clearer picture of ’s adventure market. The standard TRK 502 only recorded 683 units sold while the dirt-focused X trim accounted for 2,966 units. Even more astounding, the Benelli adventurer beat out BMW’s perennial powerhouse—the R 1250 GS.

At €6,240 ($7,414 USD), the TRK 502 X costs the fraction of a brand-new GS, which undoubtedly helps newer ADV riders get on the trail. However, we can’t ignore the segments shift toward simpler, less expensive options with the success of Yamaha’s Tenere 700, and now, Benelli’s mid-size contender. Yes, Chinese-made motorcycles have come a long way over the decades and Benelli hopes it can build on that success in Italy and the rest of Europe.

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