In September, 2020, the new BMW M 1000 RR dethroned the S 1000 RR as the flagship Bavarian superbike. Just six months later in March, 2021, Isle of Man organizers canceled the 2021 TT due to ongoing pandemic concerns. Despite the S 1000 RR’s recent demotion and the second successive Isle of Man TT cancelation, BMW France is paying homage to both with the limited-edition S 1000 RR Isle of Man.

The introduction of the new M 1000 RR finally integrates the brand’s motorcycles into its renowned M performance vehicles. For that reason, BMW France turned to the 2021 BMW M3 to inspire its special-edition S 1000 RR. Featuring the House of Munich’s unique Isle of Man Green paint, the limited livery already sets the superbike apart.


Of course, the "S 1000 RR Isle of Man Edition" inscription on the gas tank and engraved copy number only amplify the model’s exclusive status. To accent the green colorway, the S 1000 RR also earns a tinted windscreen and yellow-tinted LED lighting. For a special touch, BMW France coats the bike’s M forged wheels in the same copper finish found on the motorcycle’s crankcases.

Gallery: 2021 BMW S 1000 RR Isle of Man Edition

Aside from the cosmetics, the S 1000 RR receives dynamic damping control, heated grips, and cruise control from the brand’s Dynamic Pack and the M endurance chain, M GPS LapTrigger, and USB port from its Sport Pack. However, the Race Pack’s M lightweight battery, M swingarm, M forged rims, Pro riding modes, and M travel adjustment enhance the S 1000 RR’s performance most. Lastly, an M-line titanium Akrapovic exhaust and carbon fiber bits increase the superbike’s track qualifications.

At €33,005 ($39,311 USD), the S 1000 RR Isle of Man Edition rivals the M 1000 RR’s € 33,270 ($39,627 USD) MSRP. Yes, that’s €13,805 ($16,442 USD) over the standard S 1000 RR’s price tag, but with only 50 units available and M performance components include, BMW France makes a good case for Beemer fans to roll the into their garage.

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