When you hear the words “50cc, three-wheeled scooter,” what goes through your mind? Honda Gyros are one such family of scooters, geared toward delivery riders across Asia. Crucially, they tilt, which is super practical and useful considering their purpose.  

That also makes them ideal if you want to, say, create a ridiculously adorable tiny three-wheeled pickup truck out of your Gyro. That’s what custom shop Kussun Garage decided to do with a Gyro Canopy variant. It’s unclear if that model’s built-in canopy was part of the inspiration to just take it all the way to its natural conclusion, but that’s totally what this shop did. 

Rather than rely on ambient shop sounds, this video does use quite a bit of source music. If you prefer that, you’ll be happy, but if you’d rather hear mechanical sounds, this might not be the video for you. Still, you should know that once the build is complete, you do get to actually hear the engine sounds of the little Gyro pickup truck as it putters down the street. I, for one, was relieved, as I will never not want to hear engine noises in any build video.  

The end result is somewhere between the 50cc Gyro scooter it started out as and the tiniest of tuk-tuks. A tuk-tuk would be eminently more practical for carrying either people or cargo than this tiny project, but that’s not the point. Sometimes, the act of creation means more than whether or not your pickup can actually carry anything other than its driver. 

In this case, it’s clearly the kind of attention-getting showpiece that leads crowds to gather round and want to know more about who built this thing and why. After finding out, will they contact Kussun Garage to talk about their next custom project? It’s a bit like a litmus test for both observers and the shop. If you’re the type of person who thinks this build is totally fantastic, then Kussun is who you want to talk to. If not, then you’re probably looking for a different shop. I’m just picturing this rolling up to any bike show I find myself at over the course of riding season, and I can’t stop smiling.  

Source: YouTube 

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