Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself, ”I really need to see a guy bending metal like taffy today. I wonder if YouTube can help?” Even if the answer is no, my friends, that’s exactly what you’re about to see. Apparently, that’s just one of the many skills that Shizuoka, Japan-based motorcycle customizer Kento Takeuchi has in his toolbox. 

Better known by the YouTube handle kenteedproducts, this guy takes the idea of customization to a whole new level. When you first see the Super Cub roll in, you probably expect some light modifications. If you’re unfamiliar with Takeuchi’s work, that’s completely understandable. What you may not understand at this point is that he’s an utterly magnificent madman who leaves absolutely no solitary centimeter of this bike untouched. 

Who takes anything as far as this guy? Very few people, but maybe that’s because not everyone has the skills and patience Takeuchi does. A very special shout-out also to the granddad who shows up with a torch at one point, just handily helping Takeuchi along on his quest.  

I watch a fair number of moto-restoration time-lapse videos on YouTube, and the really good ones always make me smile. We also love seeing fantastic customs around these (Ride A)parts. However, it’s not often you get to see a time-lapse custom built like this, and it’s just an incredibly special and rewarding experience.  

To some degree when you watch a restoration video, you have an idea about what the finished project is going to look like. Meanwhile, a custom build is completely off the map. On top of that, this particular video itself is extremely well-edited. All the while, you’re left on the edge of your seat, wondering what on Earth Takeuchi is going to do next. The anticipation is exquisite, and the finished Super Cub more than rewards you for the half-hour you’ve just spent watching it. It’s not showboaty or over the top. Instead, it’s just quietly competent and confident, while also being incredibly bonkers at the same time. In other words, it is PERFECTION. 

Take a half hour to watch this video. Maybe even start a group watch with like-minded bike enthusiasts you know. You’ll be glad you did. 

Source: YouTube 

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