Yeah, motocross is cool and all, but what happens when you hire a professional drone racer to record a motocross team in action? French motocross and enduro retailer FX Motors decided to find out, and also posted a slightly shorter video of these amazing results on their Facebook page

To record this amazing video, drone racer Shaggy FPV met up with members of MotorCrossClub Bleiswijk while they were training. He recently posted the full video of what he and his drone saw that day on his YouTube channel. 

Some people have remarked that the combination of Shaggy’s drone work and the sheer motocrossing talent on display looks almost video game-like. Others have remarked that a camera flying around your head like that in a game would be completely annoying. If that’s the case in a virtual situation, what would it be like in real life?

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Shaggy acknowledged the team’s supreme calm in the face of a weird quad-propellered camera flitting around their heads like a giant insect. “Props to them for trusting me enough to do this,” he wrote. For anyone interested in the drone and software setup he used to create this video, be sure to read its full description

If you’re in the Netherlands and want to catch up with MotorCrossClub Bleiswijk to see this kind of action for yourself, their full 2019 schedule is on their website. They currently have events scheduled through October, and it appears that you may be able to watch them train free of charge, according to their Facebook. 

Additionally, Shaggy FPV posts a lot more drone racing videos pretty regularly on his YouTube channel. Unfortunately for us, not all of them involve motocross riders—but if you just want to appreciate some skilled drone racing, you should definitely check it out.

Sources: r/PraiseTheCameraMan, FX Motors, Shaggy FPV

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