We don't recommend riding on the sidewalk, but somehow this guy pulled it off.

The old saying “luck beats good” is a truism, and if luck were more predictable none of us motorcyclists would need rider training. As it is, though, sometimes luck pulls your nuggets out of the fire when your training (or lack thereof) fails you.

Such is the case in this video. There are so many things wrong with this, I’m not even sure where to start.


First, the rider’s dodgy pass between a Subaru and a little Toyota hatchback sets the whole thing in motion. He’s distracted by something one of those cars do. There was probably some honking and yelling. He looks fully backwards, and in so doing pushes on the right handlebar grip sending his bike onto the shoulder. If the curb had been any sharper he’d be down. If the spacing of the light poles and the decorative trees hadn’t been just so, he’d have been wrapped around one of them.

This guy is super lucky. What does he do? Does he slow down or immediately correct back onto the road? No, of course not. He threads the bike along the sidewalk between a concrete berm on his right and more trees and light posts to his left. You can hear him whooping, probably because he knows he’s just cheated death and has to let the adrenaline out somehow!

At the next cross street he rolls down the ramped curb and hops back on the road.

This rider got away uninjured and without any scuffs on his bike due to absolute dumb luck, and that is why this video is remarkable. Whenever any of us pulls off a stunt or a save we never should have been able to do, usually there is nobody watching and no record of the event! But when we have a brainless moment and drop our motorcycle in a parking lot there’s always an audience.

Friends, have you pulled off a completely ridiculous stunt by complete accident, unscathed, which you had no business living through? Tell us about it. These miracles don’t come often.

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