The Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag is designed with adventure riders in mind. The durable PVC and vinyl exterior shrugs off most weather and is designed to fit sloped tank bikes.


The Expedition bag is a no frills item that does its job so well you forget you have it mounted. The bag sits well below your vision so it is never a distraction. There is plenty of room for lock to lock turning of the bars. Super important in any low speed or off road maneuvering. It mounts to 4 separate straps tied to points on the frame of the motorcycle. Each bike will have different points to mount from. In the case of my Tenere ES I used the tank pivot mount under the seat and the frame tubes under the fuel tank in the front. This keeps the straps out of the way and very secure.

Review: Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag


The Expedition bag features a detachable map pocket. The map is easy to view when stopped. What I really like though is the velcro attachment. This allows me to take just the map off if I need to ask directions. It is also really handy when group riding to be able to review different routes or terrain over coffee. There are some accessory hooks mounted on it as well.


This is accomplished in two ways. There is a velcro strap in the front that allows you to move the cover up a couple inches. The rear of the bag uses adjustable straps and clips, simply loosen the straps and you have the room you need. It is an easy no fuss system that stays closed and secure in all riding conditions. There is a strap that runs side to side under the top that helps keep the bags form when loaded.

Inside the top of the bag is a zippered pocket that once again velcro's in place. Convenient for holding an X Strap, papers, and whatever else you want in a small waterproof pocket. It can also be used as a waist bag but I have never tried that.

The interior is nicely padded with a weather flap to cover the contents inside. A drawstring keeps the opening closed.

Review: Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag


So I have mentioned weather several times. The bag is not waterproof. The map pocket stays dry, the little interior pocket stays dry.  Your other items will get wet without a rain cover.

Final verdict:

Listed at $143 on most resellers sites the Expedition Tank Bag is a good value. The available 14 liters of storage adds a lot of versatility. After about 8 months of daily use it is maintaining its appearance and shows no real signs of wear. This is my daily lunch bag, glove holder, water carrier, and quick trip to the store bag.

Review: Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag

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  • Heavy duty Ballistic Coated vinyl and 18oz Vinyl Exterior construction
  • Zipperless Top Loading Design
  • Floating (Expandable) Top
  • Removable Map Pocket
  • Exterior Reflective Material
  • Inside Document pouch (removes and can used as Waist Bag)
  • Top Compression Strap for jostle-free load
  • Drawstring Cinch Top Closure with Storm Flap to keep the elements out
  • Minimal Exterior seams for weather-resistance
  • Non-scratch, non-skid bottom
  • Interior Key Clip
  • Dual Elastic Pen/Tire Gauge Holders
  • 3/8" Foam Laminate Side Stiffener
  • 3/8" Foam Laminate Padded Bottom


  • Length 13" / 33cm
  • Width 8 3/4" / 22 cm
  • Height: Front (Facing rider) 9.5", Rear (Facing Handlebars) 5 3/4" / 15cm
  • Height is adjustable by about 3" / 8cm


  • 732 Expands to / 12 Liters Expands to 14 Liters

Map Pocket Size:

  • Overall: 8 3/4" x 10 5/8" / 22cm x 26cm
  • Visible: 7 5/8" x 9" / 19cm x 23cm

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