Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

For those of you who want to spend top dollar on a top-of-the-line helmet we present this list of the best/our favorite helmets under $800

Disclaimer: The helmets on this list were chosen for being the absolute best of the best, our favorite in the brand's lineup, or the best value — which means they may not actually be the most fully featured in the brand's lineup. Yes, I'm aware the Arai Corsair is their flagship helmet but no, I would not buy it because I think you can get a different Arai helmet that's 95% as good for 75% of the price. Also, a lot of the higher-end helmets charge a ton for funky colors/paint schemes so I stuck with which one I would actually buy, which was most often the solid color scheme. I just don't get paying an extra 20% for a tribal star fairy dragons, but feel free if you're so inclined. Also, for those of you looking for something cheaper, check out our "Best Under $300" list.

Full Face

AGV Corsa - $750

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Developed in part by Valentino Rossi, the Corsa is the more practical version of AGV's new Pista GP flagship. Same new shape, similar big weight saving over the outgoing GP-Tech that this replaces, same huge new visor, vents that close with the much more convenient switches over the Pista GP's silly rubber plugs. The Corsa should be comfortable, light, very well ventilated, have excellent vision both peripherally and while in a racing tuck and be incredibly stable at high speeds. We're excited to get our hands on this one; you'll be able to soon as well, it's available for preorder now. ECE 22.05.

Arai RX-Q - $530.95

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

"The Corsair for the street" is the best buy in the Arai line, at least in my humble opinion (although I really really want to get my hands on a Defiant). Priced at almost $200 less than the Corsair, the RX-Q brings a ton of the Corsair features to the street. They share the same wider eye port, same visor, and the shell was based on the Corsair's. The RX-Q has an intermediate oval shape and should fit similar to their Quantam 2. This helmet is absolutely beautiful, especially in their "frost" paint treatment. Snell M2010.

Bell RS-1 Emblem - $399.95

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Wes and I differ on our opinions of the Bell line, so I included them both. The RS-1 is my favorite in the lineup because I think it's both better looking, nicer to wear, and a much better value. It definitely isn't as track ready, but I've used it mostly for commuting and long trips which I think it's perfectly suited for. Read more about it from my review here. Snell M2010.

Bell Star Carbon - $649.95

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Wes has been wearing one of these around for a while and swears by it. Aesthetically, it's beautiful, and they've really improved it a lot since he reviewed it a few years ago (the carbon makes a big difference). It's become his go-to helmet pretty much every day, but especially any time we get to get out on a track. Snell M2010.

NEXX XR1R Carbon - $599

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

The XR1R remains one of the lightest helmets to date at just 1200 grams. NEXX is a small Portuguese brand that managed to make one of our absolute favorite helmets ever. This thing is first class when it comes with weight, aerodynamics, and vision. Read more about it in our review here. ECE 22.05.

Schuberth S2 - $699

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Personally, Schuberth is my favorite brand. Maybe it's that the briefing on their helmets is full of the statement "we heard from our customers __________, so we made it better by __________." Maybe it's that they take an hour out of their day to brief you on each of the helmet's features when you pick one up to review. Maybe it's that they use wind tunnels and sound tunnels and awesome tunnels to test for pretty much everything you could dream up. It's probably because all of that shows up in the product. Wes reviewed it here. ECE 22.05.

Shoei GT-Air - $494.99

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

The RF-1100 was my first "nice" helmet, and they've improved a ton with their release of the GT-Air. Better ventilation, less noise, a flip down sun visor, and a beautiful new shell make this helmet a winner. Read more about it in our review here. ECE 22.05.


Schuberth C3 Pro - $769

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Ok, so I've already professed my love for Schuberth above. This modular makes all other modulars look massive in comparison. This is my everyday helmet for most of the year and I wrote a review for it, so you should just go read that. ECE 22.05.

HJC RPHA Max - $413.99

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Wes crashed in one and then wrote about how much he loved it. This helmet is fully featured and a steal at such a low price point. Read Wes's review here. ECE 22.05.

Shoei Neotec - $584.09

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

People absolutely love this helmet. It's one of Revzilla's top selling modular helmets and has countless testimonials. I haven't worn this particular version, but based off wearing their full face and dual sport counterparts and looking at the spec sheet, I couldn't leave it off the list.

Dual Sport

Arai XD-4 - $539.95

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Another helmet I have yet to enjoy the experience of wearing, but one you've seen in plenty of Jamie's videos, the XD-4 is definitely a favorite of pretty much everyone in our line of work. It looks awesome sans beak or with goggles instead of the visor, and is pretty perfect for almost any kind of excursion. Read our review here. Snell M2010.

ICON Variant Big Game - $400

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

This is one of the few helmets where I would actually pony up the extra dough for some graphics. Partially because it's only an extra $50 and partially because I like more obnoxious ADV helmets, this thing just looks incredible. Our friends with the Wilderness Collective swear by them for all of their adventures. Personally, I found the Variant to buffet a little more at freeway speeds that most people seem to, but I think it's top notch for everything else. ECE 22.05.

AGV AX-8 - $419.95

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Wes hasn't stopped talking about this helmet since the day he got his first one. He recommends it to absolutely everyone, so it makes sense we recommend it to you. Read Wes's gushing report here. ECE 22.05.

Bell Moto-9 Tagger Scrub - $549.95

The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $800

Yes, I know this is a dirtbike helmet. It's also the helmet I wear pretty much everywhere, all summer long. I prefer the matte black one, but think the graphics look awesome one these. I love wearing my Moto-9 more than most of my helmets, especially when it's hot outside. To me, it buffets less than any of the other dual sport helmets mentioned while being lighter, flowing way more air, and lets me wear goggles so I can look like Master Chief. Full review coming shortly. Snell M2010.

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