If you're a hockey fan, you already know that Gritty, the official mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL, is an icon. But the important thing is, he's reached such a high level of recognition that even people who don't follow hockey probably know him and love him.

Because he's not only a hockey icon; he's a cultural icon. Almost like Mickey Mouse. Or Mario.

In case you need further proof, he's out there serving it up on the regular over on his official social media channels. While we're quite certain he has a team helping him post (it's probably hard to type with all that fur, and I don't know what kind of claws he might have), he's definitely out there engaging with his fans, both on the ice and off.

Case in point: This little dirt bike rip in what fans immediately recognized as the New Jersey Pine Barrens. You know, the home of Gritty's sworn rival, the New Jersey Devil.

Is this a gauntlet being thrown, of sorts? Or is it just an acknowledgment that the area has some awesome trails to go explore (in a respectful and responsible manner, of course)?


Lest you think it's just a few carefully posed photos, be sure to swipe through all the images and video clips included in this post. There are a couple of onboard video clips with Gritty riding, and he clearly knows what he's doing and is absolutely not afraid to have a good time. Like you'd probably expect, but it's still good to see. I mean, just because someone's good at one sport doesn't always mean they're good at others, right?

Gotta have some fun in the off season, and gotta keep in shape too if you're gonna get out there and work those crowds at games later in the year. I must admit, it was a little surprising to see Gritty not riding a certain more orange-hued dirt bike brand, but the color contrast also does look pretty great in the shots and clips. 

Now, just one question remains: Will we ever get to see Gritty and the NJ Devil ride together? Here's hoping.

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