Nuts. It's the only way to describe Red Bull's Hardline downhill mountain bike race. 

Impossibly tight, tree-lined trails, baby-head-sized rocks and boulders, mud, dirt, wet grass, and everything you could possibly think of to impede a rider's progression—and continued well-being—is part of Hardline. Yet, every year, Red Bull's Hardline attracts all the top talent from the mountain biking community. It's a race that requires speed, agility, and bravery. 

But what happens when you throw a dirt biker into the mix? Will the added engine be a boon to the downhill course? Or will the extra weight and unwieldiness be a detriment? Well, Red Bull wanted to find out, so it invited a professional motocrosser to see if they could beat the Hardline course's record time. 

The results are...interesting. 

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According to the video, the Hardline record was set in 2022 by Jackson Goldstone who completed the race in just 2:20.525. Jonny Walker is the man Red Bull tapped to attempt the race, though he's far more than just your average motocrosser. Walker's won Erzberg twice, the FIM SuperEnduro Championship three times, and Romaniacs twice. So the dude knows how to wheel, for sure. 

The Hardline course includes massive step-downs, huge gaps, including the course's truly bonkers road gap, and all the normal mountain bike obstacles. All while running through the trees. 

Honestly, it seems daunting. There's a lot here that can catch even the best enduro rider out. The gaps alone aren't usually something you see in a lot of enduro races, though Walker's done his fair share of jumps, too. 

I won't give away the ending, but you may want to breathe a little before you click play, because you'll be holding your breath all the way through. Your eyes will get dry from not blinking, too. 

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