In a new video, former rider turned field reporter, Paul Bolton, and Hard Enduro World Champion, Manuel Lettenbichler give the hard facts on Hard Enduro preparation and riding at Red Bull Romaniacs. It's an official survival guide endorsed by Red Bull Motorsports on its YouTube channel, so it makes good sense to listen up and see what the pros do. 

At this year’s Red Bull Romaniacs, KTM's Manuel Lettenbichler took first place in the Gold Class, and he’s joined by Paul Bolton to tell you what it takes to compete at the highest level, and perhaps win.

Putting in plenty of prep time, as well as listing everything in a checklist should help you along. Three days of racing will require a lot of gear. In Lettenbichler's case, that's three pairs of boots, one helmet, two camelbacks, lots of T-shirts, goggles with various lenses, snacks, supplements, emergency kits, a blanket, batteries, a pen, GPS, and more. Additionally, spare parts and tools are also part of the riders' usual loadout. Repairs mid-trail can be quite common, and climbing the hill won't be possible if your bike doesn't run. 

It’s hard to really condense things down into a single list, but enduro riders often bring a ton of gear with them while they’re out racing. While it may not seem a lot to them, this is still a lightweight loadout, seeing as the riders still have to move a lot on the bike, and probably fix stuff along the way. While out there for about six to eight hours a day, anything can happen, and the loadout that was presented is a focused set. 

How to Survive Red Bull Romaniacs

Apart from the equipment, riders who are participating in the hard enduro course need to be equipped with an incredibly high level of skill. Even then, things may fall apart. Whether it’s a mechanical mishap, (really) bad weather, or nerves, frustration, and fatigue kicking in, this competition is not for the faint of heart.

Even the pros can get flustered and frustrated challenging the mountain and you never know what calamity may ensue. Whether it’s the storm on the mountain or the one brewing in riders’ minds, Hard Enduro is definitely no joke. 

Screams and struggles are all a part of the hard enduro life, and the pair also caught a bit of rain while on the trail, at least while the cameras were rolling. Hard Enduro is unforgiving, and even though months of preparation and training can make a difference, you still never know what’ll happen going up the mountain.

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