We already have the scientific proof that riding is good for us. The proof is in the numbers and now more than ever, mental health is an important key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The Harley-Davidson-funded study didn’t break down the data into types of riding—of course, as Harley goes, the references to the riding were mainly road-oriented. In a less scientific and let’s say more holistic approach, an author discusses how to find balance in different aspects of your life. Someone took his advice and listed how off-roading checks off all the boxes. Hey, any documentation that says that riding is good for our health, we can get behind.

Author Samir Becic is a bit of a fitness and health guru. He published a book entitled “ReSYNC Your Life” that details 28-day steps to help the reader find physical and spiritual balance. You may or may not agree/be interested with what the guy has to say; that’s not why we’re here. What’s really cool is how the people at Indochina Travel Blog have taken the principles promoted by Becic and used them to illustrate how off-roading actually meets all these “find your inner balance” criteria. Two-wheel therapy indeed!

Just like regular, street riding, off-roading increases the rider’s heart rate, which is comparable to a low strain workout and helps strengthen the heart and develop endurance—obviously not at the rate jogging does, but enough to have a positive impact. Depending on the type of surface you are facing, the ride also helps strengthen muscles—the more rugged the terrain, the harder the workout. Hill climb, jumps, or obstacle crawl? Even better!


Another benefit that street riders don’t reap as much as off-road riders is balance. As you make your way through a rough landscape, some spots require you work on your balance to overcome the obstacles, again working those muscles but also engaging the brain. Road riding has already proven to help increase cognitive functions, adrenaline levels and overall focus. These functions and health benefits are boosted on steroids by the fact that you are riding over a much more challenging surface that requires additional analysis and concentration.

According to Indochina Travel Blog but maybe a little more debatable is the promotion of a good posture. Of course, motocross and adventure motorcycles force the rider into a straighter stance. Plus, posture does play a role in balance but whether it promotes better posture in every day life remains to be seen. That being said, few hours of good posture is better than none at all!

Finally, riding off-road gets you outside. You know how people complain about being inside all the time nowadays. I mean, with all the technology we enjoy today, there’s very little that requires us to step out—we can even get groceries delivered to our door. Off-roading can’t be done inside so this is the occasion to get a bowl (or a tank) of fresh air and enjoy a moment of communion with nature, especially considering off-roading is usually done in remote places, in the woods and on countryside dirt roads. So, have you gone for a ride yet? I don’t think you need more excuses to go now

Source: Indochina Travel Blog

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