While a lot of custom jobs out there serve to give motorcycles a personalized look and an improved performance, others completely change the nature of the bike. Finnish shop Stunt Freaks Team built a Franken-off-roader out of the most unlikely bike: a Gixxer.

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 needs no introduction. It is the poster child of the sportbike and the one model most sport riders dream of at one point or another. The model is known for its engaging riding dynamics and performance, but what happens when you put a 160+hp bike in the dirt? We’ve seen a Baja racer ride a stock Gixxer in the dirt, but the team at Stunt Freaks took things a step further and converted the Suzuki sportbike into a dirt demon.

The shop explains that the off-roading Gixxer was achieved by combining parts of a 2003 second-generation GSX-R1000 with an undisclosed 2014 “450cc Kawasaki”, possibly a KX450F. The shop swapped the Gixxer’s front end with the Kawasaki’s, seemingly the fork, handlebar, and headstock, as well as the wheels.

The engine, of course, is the Gixxer’s 988cc, inline-four mill pushing 162 horsepower. When it comes to off-roading, there’s no need for heaps of power, so why build a super-motocross? Because why not? Stunt Freaks said they initially laughed at the idea before finally turning this seemingly silly idea into a reality.  

There are very few details regarding what other components have been sourced to make this project happen, but the result is a motocross on steroids. In the video, you can see the riders reach speeds of up to 160+ km/h (100 mph) in the dirt and even beat a KTM Freeride EX-C in a homemade drag race. This much fun should be criminal. The best part: if the Gixxer-cross tickles your fancy, it’s up for sale on the Stunt Freaks Team’s Website for the modest sum of 2,990 €, or roughly $3,350. That’s a small price to pay to have so much fun. Picture the looks on everybody’s face next time you show up at a trail riding event.

Source: Stunt Freaks Team

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