I've got a pretty sick backyard, as I've built a small figure-8 track for my daughter to shred on her Kawasaki Elektrode and KFX 50. And I can send it on the track myself, so long as I treat it like a flat-track course and just slide the hell out of the two corners. 

There are also two small single-track sections I'm developing to have some fun on. Plus a work-in-progress 3D archery course. Suffice it to say, I'm spoiled. But my little backyard fun is nothing like Grind Hard Plumbing Co.'s insane track they've built. Nor is my garage as stocked as theirs in terms of wild builds to throw at the track. 

No, mine is not like theirs and now I need a lot more acreage. You see, in the group's latest video, the guys build out a new track and sick each of their (running) creations on it. And the result is pure, unadulterated chaos of the best kind. 

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The guys bring out their freshly completed monster chopper, an ATV-engined Power Wheels affectionately named "The General", a KTM dirt bike, a Barbie van with a bike motor, a snowmobile with wheels, an honest-to-goodness Humvee, a couple of buggies, an ATV, and a Kei truck.

A helluva lineup for some backyard fun. 

But which is the fastest around The Grind Hard Plumbing Co. Premio Gran Prix course? You'll have to watch the video and find out. Suffice it to say, all of them are sketchy. All of them are not really what you should be riding on the course. But all of them look like the most fun you could have on two and four wheels. 

Check it out above. 

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