Grind Hard Plumbing Co. are our kind of folks. Lunatics of the highest order, with the technical mechanical skills to back up their insanity. The group of wrenchers have made all manner of fever dream machine, but their latest project seems intent on hucking them into their shop's walls.

Meet the Amazon-bought drift quad. And did we mention they're turbocharging it? Oh yeah, things are about to get spicy. 

The ATV is sourced from Amazon's X-Pro brand, a Chinese manufacturer that has caught the eye of both YouTuber's and RideApart's editors alike, as they're cheap, come in a box, and are assembled by the end user for half or more the price of their name-brand counterparts. They seem like screaming deals, so long as you know how to turn a wrench are are OK with parts that may not be all that great. 

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But hey, are you really buying a quad, motorcycle, or UTV on Amazon for the latest and greatest? Or are you just doing it to satiate your need for cheap fun? I know which camp I'd be in. What's pretty impressive, however, is that the quad started right up without issue after they assembled it. No faults, no bad wiring, just up and running. I do wonder how often that happens, though. 

As for the conversion process from Buy It Now to the drift conversion itself, the guys at Grind Hard not only bought a cheap as hell quad from Amazon, but they bought the turbocharger kit from the conglomerate, too.  

It took a lot to get the turbocharger working, well, working enough that they actually saw boost pressure. But in the end, they got it up and running, and threw on some of their spare slick go-kart tires to help gear the whole quad down and get it screaming. It also smoked out their garage many, many times. 

All in all, though, it makes me want to buy one of these X-Pro machines and see what life is like with them. What do you all think, should we? Sound off in the comments below. 

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