A few years back, a picture popped up online of a Polaris RZR UTV outfitted not with wheels or even tank tracks, but with two freakin' jetskis. The internet lost its collective minds as we all wondered how a machine such as this could even work? 

And, indeed, it left a lot of us wondering whether it we'd ever see it in the flesh. Well, interweb denizens, to paraphrase a line from Seinfeld, "It's real and it's fabulous." 

Recently, Heavy D from Diesel Brothers YouTube fame, went on down to Florida (of course it was made there) to test drive the UTV PWC and ask his subscribers whether or not he should buy the damn thing.

You can tell the guys had a ton of fun while driving it, so I think it's a certainty. 

As for the machine itself, it was built by Shadow Six Racing and is aptly dubbed "The Typhoon." The build consists of the aforementioned Polaris RZR and two, yes two, four-cylinder, supercharged Yamaha GP1800 SCHO R engines.

The cage on the UTV has been replaced by a titanium unit for added lightness. And what's wild—well, what's equally wild—is that the RZR still has full suspension to soak up any bumps caused by waves and you can see it all working as the twin jetskis glide across the water and hit wakes. In the video, you can hear the Shadow Six Racing's chief mad scientist Ryan Goldberg say "I kept telling people I wanted to build a trophy truck for the ocean."

I think he did.

And the design behind it isn't some redneck engineering. I mean, it is, but it isn't in that they really thought out how it all works and made sure it actually worked as thought up. 

According to Shadow Six Racing, the Typhoon can also seat up to three people, though I'm not exactly sure how, and the UTV jetski abomination also has a fuel capacity of 37 gallows, so you'll have plenty of on-the-water fun once you fill up.

As for price, take a seat, as the Typhoon will set you back a cool $250,000. That's a lot, but then again, this is a lot of custom work and a lot of engineering just to make the watercraft work. 

The Heavy D boys also did races with the PWC, so stick around for that. 

So what's your take? If you had the cash, would you buy one?

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