If you've been reading RideApart for the last few months, you've undoubtedly seen our coverage of Grind Hard Plumbing Co.'s monster chopper build. If the name didn't give it away, it's a motorcycle spec'd out with monster truck wheels. A lot of work has gone into it, too. 

Grind Hard custom-built just about every part of this motorcycle, including the frame, front end, steering system, gas tank, rear swing arm, hubs, and everything in between. And I didn't even mention all the wiring and plumbing that had to be worked out just to make the thing run. 

And finally, after months of setbacks, roadblocks, crashing into a fence, and more, the monster chopper is running on its own power. It's own KTM power. And it freakin' rips.

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Now, before any sort of real test ride, the guys at Grind Hard did what any sensible builders would do to break the monster chopper in; they did a sick burnout in their garage. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that, nor did I think they'd be able to pop the clutch enough to get it moving given the massive rear tire. But it looked fairly easy, to be honest. 

Test riding it—even at low speeds—though, looks extremely sketchy. The whole thing looks like it wants to tip over. They do drop it while trying to turn the chopper around, but that's sorta par for the course with Grind Hard's creations. That said, from their short rides, they say as soon as it's moving, "It's like a normal bike. Easy peasy."

What I love about this entire build is the single-minded focus to create something the world has never seen. I mean, who would've thought about doing a monster chopper? Maybe Jesse James back in the day, but even he didn't do it with all of Discovery's vast resources. No, just some average Canadians. 

A few things apart from dropping it went wrong, like the chain bending the rear sprocket, and the chain wanting to remove itself from the equation. But the guys are aiming to repair and make it better.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the monster chopper. 

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