Triumph and Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj announced a partnership back in 2017, when the two stated they'd work together to develop new models for the entry-level segment.

After six years of R&D, the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X were born.

These two bikes represent the most affordable and accessible models to bear the Triumph name. And so it’s no surprise that they were very well received by the global audience. It’s also no surprise that aftermarket specialists are releasing accessories and upgrades left in right.

For example, French accessory specialist Top Block Racing has just released a new protection kit for the Speed 400. The topic of protective accessories tends to be challenging for some folks, especially those looking to get the most protection for the most subtle look possible. As such, frame sliders are usually a go-to among sportbike, naked bike, and neo-retro enthusiasts alike.

Top Block Racing Has A New Slider Kit For The Triumph Speed 400

Top Block's sliders are discreet and almost unnoticeable. 

And so Top Block Racing’s frame sliders for the Triumph Speed 400 aim not only to keep the bike intact in the event of a drop, but also retain its sleek and elegant retro-inspired look.

Remember, the Speed 400 is marketed as a beginner-friendly motorcycle. And so bolting on some protective accessories will certainly go a long way for a new rider only just learning the ropes on two wheels. I mean, we’ve all been there, and most of our first bikes were full of scratches from the times we tipped them over as we were learning to ride.

Top Block Racing Has A New Tail Tidy For The Triumph Speed 400

Top Block's tail tidy incorporates a plate holder and turn signal mounts.

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Now, it’s worth mentioning that Top Block Racing didn’t stop with protective frame sliders when it came to accessories for Triumph’s petite roadster. The brand has also released a rear fender eliminator kit for folks looking to give their bikes a sportier, more athletic stance. The tail tidy is made out of laser-cut aluminum, and integrates a license plate holder and turn signal mounts.

It’s a plug-and-play install, and one I personally do to all my bikes—never mind water and mud splashing onto my back.

Both the frame slider kit and fender eliminator kit are available on Top Block Racing’s website, with shipping to the US available as an option. They’re priced at 247 euros (about $268 USD) and 138 euros (around $150 USD), respectively.

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