The BMW R 18 has a new set of pipes from Akrapovic, brought on by the brand’s collaboration with the German OEM. The part is finished in matte black and crafted from stainless steel with logos from both brands laser-etched into the body of the muffler.

Many aftermarket manufacturers have already gone to town on the BMW R 18, fielding mufflers, crash guards, luggage racks, and even leg rest as is the case with Wunderlich’s weirdly helpful product in its catalog. The R 18 is a bike that begs to be customized, and if you’re looking for an exhaust system, perhaps this new pipe can satisfy your cravings.

As we all know, Akrapovic is one of the premier purveyors of high-quality motorcycle and even automotive exhaust systems. The company’s one of the best in the world, and they are also one of the go-to brands that marques go to in order secure exhaust systems that perform as well as they look. BMW has worked with the brand in the past, and one of the more recent Bimmers to bear an Akrapovic pipe is the top-of-the-line M 1000 RR.

Gallery: Akrapovic for BMW Motorrad - R 18

This time, the two companies came together again to create a new option for the R 18. The pipe is a cut above the rest in terms of workmanship and finish. There are subtle details that set this product apart from the wealth of aftermarket options such as a laser-etched “BMW Motorrad” logo that underlines the Akrapovic brand.

That’s not the only BMW branding that you get as Akrapovic even stylized the end cap with the BMW propeller logo to add an extra special touch.

At 8.2 kilograms or 18.08 pounds, the new system is an entire kilogram lighter than the stock part, and the exhaust also exudes a sporty note. On top of that, you won’t need to enter the part into the vehicle documents as they’ve been homologated together with the R 18.

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