On long rides, it’s necessary to stretch your legs out a little every now and then, and Wunderlich has the perfect accessory that’ll let you do just that, albeit on the cylinder heads of the BMW R18’s massive 1,800cc boxer twin.

The part number is 18850-000, and the package comes in pairs (of course it does). The leg rests are mounted on three points of the BMW R18’s engine, and it doesn’t need additional supports in order for it to work, simply bolt on and cruise.

Made from precision steel tubing, the Wunderlich's leg rests for the BMW R18 are precisely welded and provide a platform for your legs to rest on long rides. The tube diameter is 12 millimeters (0.47 inches), and the rests feature a width of 259 millimeters (10.20 inches), and a length of 195 millimeters (7.68 inches). The rests are made in Germany, made by hand, and feature Wunderlich’s trademark design that goes well with the classic lines of the R18.

Wunderlich BMW R18 Leg Rests

Now, I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t it get a bit toasty on the R18’s cylinder heads? Yeah, it kinda does, but the rests float your legs above the cylinder head so no contact is being made with the hot bits of the engine. However, do be prepared to feel a little bit toasty, which is par for the course when you rest your legs on sliders anyway. These things, however, are not sliders, and they won’t protect your bike in the event of a fall or tip-over. However, Wunderlich states that crash bars are not needed for these to be installed and the bolt directly on the engine with the provided installation kit.

As for its price, the pair will cost you a total of €379 EUR or right about $380 USD given current exchange rates. Given that the BMW R18 doesn’t have accommodations for sliders or crash bars that you can rest your legs on, this is a nice and pricey accessory that goes around the problem of having two huge cylinder heads keeping your legs from stretching out.

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