German aftermarket specialist Wunderlich has become synonymous with top-of-the-line BMW accessories. With more than 30 years of experience, the brand has developed a variety of aftermarket products designed to help riders tailor fit their BMW motorcycles to their tastes and preferences. To add to its growing catalog of accessories, Wunderlich has introduced a new set of crash guards for the rear section of the BMW R 18.

Naturally, the BMW R 18, given how large it is, is prone to drops and falls, especially on tighter, uneven roads. Wunderlich has already previously launched crash bars for the R 18, but these only protect the front portion of the bike. In the case of the R 18 B and R 18 Transcontinental, the side cases or panniers have an equally high tendency of being damaged in the event of a drop.

Wunderlich Introduces Pannier Protectors For BMW R 18

Wunderlich’s newest offering is specific to the BMW R 18 B and Transcontinental variants, which both come equipped with panniers out of the factory. Unsurprisingly, these panniers are by no means cheap, and will set you back a tidy sum in the event that they’re damaged from a drop or low speed tip-over. To protect the panniers, Wunderlich has launched a crash guard designed to protect the bike’s panniers in the event of a drop.

Wunderlich’s crash guards have been designed to retain the R 18’s sleek lines, and follow the curvature of the cases very nicely. They give the bike an elegant aesthetic, and don’t detract from its streamlined silhouette—definitely a defining feature of the R 18. The crash guards are constructed out of 25mm tubular steel, and attach to three points on the bike’s frame. The brackets, meanwhile, are CNC machined, welded, and chromed.

As for pricing and availability, Wunderlich’s pannier protectors for the R 18 B and Transcontinental are available in either black or chrome finishes, both of which complement the styling of the BMW R 18 out of the factory. As is the case with all things Wunderlich, these crash guards come at quite a premium, retailing for 399 Euros ($407 USD) in black, and 499 Euros ($509 USD) in chrome.

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