The BMW R 1250 GS is one of the most popular motorcycles out there. Indeed, it has dominated the big bore adventure segment for quite some time now, and is loved by both diehard ADV riders, occasional riders, and of course, the Instagram-loving generation of Starbucks adventurers.

Accompanying the fame of such a popular motorcycle is the allure of customizing and modifying it to suite your needs and preferences. Luckily, there are tons of aftermarket accessories devoted solely to satisfying the near-endless desires of GS owners. Wunderlich is one of these brands, and it has built its entire reputation on creating BMW-specific aftermarket components. From the most essential luggage and crash protection, to the most obscure accessories you thought you'd never need, Wunderlich has it all.

Wunderlich's TFT Shield For The R 1250 GS Keeps The Sun Out Of Your Eyes

That said, the German aftermarket specialist has released a new product for R 1250 GS owners—a sun visor attachment for the TFT screen. Yes, it may sound a bit weird, but this product addresses a legitimate concern among GS riders. While BMW has one of the best TFT displays out there, the glare of the sun, especially when coming from behind or straight above, can render the TFT display useless. Wunderlich's glare shield allows for optimum visibility and legibility of the bike's TFT screen at all times. It also prevents your screen from getting damaged from sun exposure when parked for long periods of time under the summer sun. 

The product is suitable for all R 1250 GS models with a 6.5-inch full-color TFT display, and is made out of a UV-resistant ABS plastic. Even when the sun is low, or not present at all, the glare shield doesn't impede your visibility to the screen, and in fact looks pretty cool, owing to the fact that its contours follow the shape of the R 1250 GS' cockpit. It makes use of an easy-to-use clip attachment, with Wunderlich guaranteeing high fit accuracy and a secure installation. As for pricing, it retails for just 30.65 Euros, or the equivalent of $32 USD. 

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