Aftermarket support for motorcycles like the BMW R 1250 GS is indeed vast. Owners of this flagship adventure bike literally have tons of options when it comes to tweaking their adventure bike to suit their preferences. From an endless array of luggage options, hundreds of crash guards, and dozens of performance upgrades to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how many ways you can configure the GS.

While upgrades to increase the volume of the exhaust are ever-present, it’s interesting that there are also aftermarket accessories that can make the GS even quieter—as if it wasn’t already a rather quiet bike to begin with. Then again, provided you’re using the GS for what it was intended, chances are you’re going to want the quietest motorcycle out there in order to minimize fatigue. This is exactly what Wunderlich has done with its new Gonzzoo exhaust deflector.

Wunderlich Introduces The Gonzzoo Exhaust Deflector For The BMW R 1250 GS

Wunderlich, a company specializing solely on aftermarket BMW parts and accessories, has a wide selection of parts that are compatible with nearly all BMW Motorrad models. The Gonzzoo exhaust deflector is its newest innovation, and while it isn’t the prettiest thing out there, it serves quite a useful purpose: reducing the exhaust noise of the GS. This provides a couple of benefits for long-distance riders. For starters, having a quieter exhaust note reduces rider fatigue, especially considering that the Gonzzoo specifically reduces noise at cruising speeds—from around 50 to 80 miles per hour.

Furthermore, given the strict noise regulations in certain places, particularly in Europe, the exhaust deflector could further quiet things down, especially when passing through residential areas. Wunderlich also states the the Gonzzoo deflector protects your side cases from heat damage which would otherwise take its toll on your expensive panniers over time.

Wunderlich is offering the Gonzzoo as a slip-on accessory the the R 1250 GS’ stock exhaust system. Meanwhile, those who are using an Akrapovič exhaust system can also benefit from the Gonzzoo, as Wunderlich also has a version designed specifically for it. Both the standard and sport deflectors retail for 90.66 Euros ($94.29 USD) a piece.

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