In many ways, the R 18 is BMW's answer to the massively popular American cruisers of the likes of Harley-Davidson and Indian. While it does boast that unmistakable macho appeal, the R 18 has also proven itself to be quite the comfortable tourer, as my colleague Dustin discovered when he ran the R 18 B through its paces earlier in October.

Nonetheless, while the R 18 B has been designed specifically to cover long distances in comfort and style, this isn't to say that the R 18 Classic can't be dressed up as a mild tourer, too. After all, not everyone needs a bagger, even when going on trips out of town. As such, BMW aftermarket specialist Wunderlich has released a range of aftermarket accessories for the R 18 Classic, which are meant to improve comfort, convenience, and add a dash of style in the process. 

Wunderlich Launches New Accessories For BMW R 18
Wunderlich Launches New Accessories For BMW R 18

For starters, we find a new Chrome Tank Rack which is as simple as it is—a rack which attaches via a three-point mounting setup on the bike's tank. It doesn't come with any special proprietary mounting points, but rather, accommodates luggage the old-fashioned way—via straps and tie-downs. Overall, it has a very minimalist design, and gives the bike a dash of utilitarian charm while remaining sleek and streamlined. It's capable of holding luggage of up to 5 kilograms, so don't expect to mount heavy bags onto this rack. 

Wunderlich has also released a smoked windscreen for the R 18 Classic. This streamlined windscreen blends smoothly with the elegant lines of the cruiser, while providing just a tad more wind protection, particularly to your chest and torso when cruising at speed on the freeway. A nifty plus is that the windscreen's angle can be adjusted by 60mm. It's available only in a light-smoked finish. Lastly, you can now fit a tachometer onto your R 18 Classic, as Wunderlich has released an aftermarket tachometer in similar styling as that of the factory instrument panel. It mounts on the left side of the instrument pod, making for a clean aesthetic.

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