I think one of the segments I love the most of the electric motorcycle revolution is that of the small, nimble, city-bike style. But that's not because I believe they're good around town.

That's somewhat controversial with the manufacturers of those bikes, as that's how they market them, but due to range, price, and characteristics, they don't exactly gel in American cities. Outside the US? Maybe, I don't live there to give my appraisal. But here, in the good ole US of A, they just don't make sense to apartment dwellers. 

Where they do absolutely make sense is in a backyard, empty parking lot, or gravel/dirt pit to have stupid, silly, quiet fun. Where you can go full ham and just send it into corners at blistering speeds of up to 25mph and laugh your ass off. And that's exactly the sort of fun accessories maker Peak Design and LAND have gone for in the pair's Distinct Scrambler collaboration.

But best of all, they're giving it away to you. Yes, you!

PD Land 3
PD Land 2
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“We’re proud to match our innovative mobile products with a company like LAND, which makes high-quality e-motorcycles right here in the USA,” stated Peak Design's Head of Marketing Adam Saraceno in the press release. 

The companies go on to state that the giveaway, which is live now through Friday, June 28th, will net you a custom-edition Distinct Scrambler that's been given the Peak Design makeover. This includes the Peak Design Everyday Case and Phone Mount, as well as Peak Design Mobile Accessories," which attaches to the mount via both mechanical and magnetic
locking, and "Qi charging capabilities."

I've been using both for a while for a future test, and can attest the mount is pretty damn solid, both on- and off-road, along with both on snowmobiles, motorcycles, e-bikes, and more. I may have even taken it off a jump, but more on that later. 


The LAND Distinct Scrambler was also upgraded, including a limited edition colorway, the maximum battery pack, and the brand's Performance Package which upgrades the suspension. 

And the end result of all those upgrades and new parts is a backyard bike that looks like a metric ton of giggly fun, as these things are riots to just go out and play with. If you don't believe me, stay tuned, I've got a story coming out soon about this class of motorcycle. 

As for entering, no purchase is necessary. All you have to do is follow this link, enter your name, and cross your fingers toes and eyes until the winning party is announced. But what do you think of this collaboration? Let us know down below. 

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