Cleveland-based electric mobility specialist Land Moto made headlines earlier in 2023 thanks to refreshed versions of its District electric motorcycle. With an eye to the future, the company focuses on e-mobility infused with enjoyment and retro-inspired styling, all while keeping prices accessible and affordable. That being said, Land has just announced the second production run of the District, and along with it, lowered prices.

Land Moto Goes Rugged With New District Scrambler Electric Bike

In case you missed it, the District features an approachable design and respectable performance. It weighs in at just 200 pounds, so it’s similar to that of a small dual-sport or scrambler. The battery offers a single-charge range of up to 120 miles, and is swappable for convenient charging. As for the motor, riders can select from three different modes with e-bike mode limiting speed to 25 miles per hour, e-moped mode bringing this up to 40 miles per hour, and e-motorcycle mode unlocking the motor’s top speed of 70 miles per hour. The bikes include adjustable suspension and front and rear disc brakes for confident stops.

According to Scott Colosimo, the company’s founder and CEO, Land has managed to stabilize and scale production, and is now able to offer its District at lower prices. “Incoming investment has helped us stabilize and scale production and grow our sales network — and in turn, lower costs. When we prioritize in-house design and innovation, it’s a win for everyone — our customers, our investors and our team.”

Land Moto Secures $7 Million In Funding, Focusing On US Production
Land Moto District - Dash
Land Moto Goes Rugged With New District Scrambler Electric Bike

Further adding to the excitement, a successful Series A funding round has led to Land appointing Cody Dumont as the Vice President of Sales and Experience. Meanwhile, the company’s head of design, Evan Painter, is working to further refine the bike’s overall design and technology.

For reference, the second batch of Land District electric motorcycles carry an MSRP of $6,995 USD. Land also offers very attractive financing options starting as low as $150 USD per month, making owning an electric motorcycle much easier and more accessible to a wider range of riders. It’s also been enhanced with new features such as an onboard charger and Power Tap technology, which converts battery energy into a mobile power station for charging other devices such as your laptop or mobile phone.

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