Electric dirtbikes are reshaping the off road scene. Lightweight, powerful, and silent, electric off-roaders are breathing new life into the off-road game, and the growing number of options in the market is a clear indication of this. At EICMA 2023, there were dozens of new electric off-roaders on display. One which stood out in particular was the Vida Concept Lynx, Hero MotoCorp’s first foray into the electric off-road space.

When it comes to electric off-road motorcycles, it’s all about keeping the weight down low. Electric motors are inherently torquey, with instantaneous throttle response and power from zero rpm. Vida takes notice of this and keeps the weight of the Concept Lynx at a minimum – just 82 kilograms (about 181 pounds). While Vida has managed to keep the weight low, it also dials up power with the mid-mounted electric motor. Here, it pumps out a snappy 15 kilowatts, or about 21 horsepower. This gives the bike snappy performance – something that’s sure to be made even more evident by its instantaneous torque.

Vida Concept Lynx - Riding
Vida Concept Lynx - Wheelie

According to Vida, the Concept Lynx was designed to be as agile and maneuverable as the lynx cat. The bike is said to deliver “significant power and torque from zero rpm,” giving the bike exceptional off-road performance. Vida says that the bike excels in steep climbs, navigating rocky terrain, and maintaining traction on loose gravel and sand. The frame features an exposed trellis structure that not only looks cool, but also contributes to keeping the buike’s weight down low.

While Vida has yet to reveal the full spec list of the new Concept Lynx, it does state that the electric off-roader will come equipped with a slew of modern, connected technology. Thanks to smartphone integration and a dedicated mobile app, riders can customize the bike’s performance parameters according to their preferences and the terrain they're riding on. As for the battery, Vida has to sacrifice range to keep the weight down low. The Concept Lynx features a compact three-kilowatt-hour battery pack that should be good for about an hour of spirited riding.

As of the moment, the Lynx electric dirtbike is just a concept, and Hero MotoCorp and its electric subsidiary Vida have yet to announce any pricing and availability information on the new bike. That being said, the development of this concept is exciting, especially for enthusiasts residing in India, as up until now, Vida has focused solely on the utility and commuting segment with the V1 scooter.

Vida Concept Lynx - Riding
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