In January, 2023, deliveries of Hero Motocorp’s first electric two-wheeler, the Vida V1 scooter, commenced. Launched under the brand’s electric spinoff brand Vida, the V1 scooter entered an already competitive electric scooter landscape in India, doing battle with the likes of the TVS iQube, Ather 450, and Ola S1 scooters. Now, half-a-year into the scooter’s run, Hero has bestowed the V1 with a few updates. Let’s take a closer look.

For starters, the updated Vida V1 gets two new paint options: Cyan and Black, alongside the existing colors of white, orange, and red. This expands the range of choices to a total of five vibrant colors. Despite the color changes, the general appearance, which includes a contemporary and dynamic bodywork design, remains the same. With apron-mounted LED headlights, the scooter has a sophisticated and energetic appearance accentuated by the two-tone finish. Lastly, it retains its step-up saddle that allows for comfortable two-up riding and can accommodate two riders.

Hero MotoCorp Releases New Colors For The Vida V1 Electric Scooter
Hero MotoCorp Releases New Colors For The Vida V1 Electric Scooter

Notably, the Vida V1 offers riders a premium, convenient experience with its high-end amenities, which include a fancy seven-inch full-color TFT display with touchscreen capabilities, keyless operation, and cruise control. The scooter also has OTA capability, enabling remote software updates for ongoing improvements.

In terms of power, the 2023 Vida V1 features a rear hub electric motor with a maximum output of 6 kilowatts, or around 8 horsepower. The scooter accelerates quickly, going from 0 to 25 miles per hour in only 3.2 seconds thanks to its output of 25 Newton-meters, or around 17.5 pound-feet of torque. Its top speed of 50 mph is suitable for commuting in the urban jungle. For a more dynamic experience, the Vida V1 features four ride modes—Eco, Ride, Sport, and User—so that riders may tailor their performance settings to suit their own riding tastes.

Hero MotoCorp Releases New Colors For The Vida V1 Electric Scooter

The 2023 Vida V1 rides on 12-inch alloy wheels, which not only add to its sporty appearance but also contribute to better stability and handling on the road. Standard telescopic front forks and a single rear shock absorber make up the suspension system. The Vida V1 has a combined braking system (CBS), which combines the front disc brake with the rear drum brake to provide more evenly distributed and controlled stopping.

The Vida V1 offers an outstanding warranty, providing a five-year or 50,000-kilometer warranty on the scooter itself, ensuring customers have peace of mind and confidence in the scooter's durability and reliability. Additionally, the battery comes with an impressive three-year or 300,000-kilometer warranty, highlighting the manufacturer's confidence in the battery's performance and longevity. The Vida V1 is reasonably priced at Rs 145,900, which is about $1,822 USD, making it a premium yet attractive offering in the Indian electric scooter market.

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