Listen, I'm not saying powersports are a cheap hobby. I've spent more money than I care to admit in all my years riding motorcycles and running my Can-Am. But I can tell you right here, right now, there's not a snowball's chance in hell I'd throw $100,000 down for anything in this realm.

And that absolutely includes the "modified" $100,000 Can-Am Maverick R that MN Motorsports is trying to sell. 

I came across this Reel mindlessly scrolling yesterday and was intrigued by the new Can-Am. I mean, the Maverick R only went on sale last year and this one looked like it'd got hit over the head with the Can-Am parts catalog. "Cool Maverick R with some Can-Am accessories," I thought.

But what I didn't expect to hear was the talk of how much labor the dealership "put into it" as well as the positively insane price of $100,000. You read that right, they want one, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero American dollars. 

I'm sorry, but that's a big ole no from me, dawg. 

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The list of parts said in the video, as well as what you can see in the video, aren't as extensive as you'd think for something carrying such a price. They're mostly dealership-added parts, bolt-ons that are able to be added without any real work. 

There are some other parts, such as a fresh air recirculation system for desert work, along with what is likely a tune, as the salesman states the Can-Am is making around 315 horsepower to the wheels.

But to make that sort of horsepower from something that comes with 240 horsepower from the factory out of its 999cc turbocharged three-cylinder Rotax, and is detuned to prolong longevity, what they're talking about is likely just an ECU flash. Can-Am is also known to sandbag its horsepower numbers, so I wouldn't be surprised if the actual horsepower is closer to 260-ish.

For what it's worth, a stock Maverick R X RS with Smart Shox will set you back $44,299. That's still expensive, but Motorsports MN is asking an extra $66,000 and what it really boils down to, then, is the labor. At least, that's how I think they got to that $100k price. But I have to say, come on. There's no way in hell there's 150 hours into this. 95% of what I see are bolt-ons, like the front bumper, windshield, roof, lightbar, wheels and tires, rear wheel carrier, and...that's about it.

Yes, there's wiring, but I've done wiring on my Can-Am before. The company made it incredibly easy to do, as it has secondary posts in the transmission tunnel. And the entirety of the dash and tunnel panels just pop off. I could probably do this with some friends in a day.

But what do you all think? You slapping down 100 stacks for this Maverick R? I sure ain't.

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