As a high schooler obsessed with motorcycles, I remember vividly dreaming about getting up close and personal with the bikes of my dreams. Back then, the closest I could get to any motorcycle was watching them from a distance as they zoomed past the highway just outside my house.

That was back in the early 2000s and, it goes without saying that, but motorcycles have advanced leaps and bounds since then. Fast forward to 2024, and Ducati is making kids’ dreams come true with its Fisica in Moto summer school.

Ducati’s “Fisica In Moto” Summer School Is Any Bike Kid’s Dream Come True

Now, summer school isn’t exactly something that stirs excitement in most high schoolers, especially those who’d rather stay at home and play video games all day. But for someone like 2006 EJ, the thought of attending summer school with Ducati would have surely made me lose my mind.

The Ducati Fisica in Moto has been around since 2011, and is organized through a partnership between the Ducati Foundation and the Free University of Bolzano. Now on its ninth edition, the Ducati Fisica in Moto, focuses on applied physics specific to the world of motorcycling and it offers students the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious motorcycle companies in Italy.

Ducati’s Fisica in Moto is also part of Italy’s Ministry of Education, University, and Research’s Valorization of Excellence program, providing students with better employment opportunities.

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The summer school program will culminate in a competition where students’ projects are rewarded by their respective schools with incentives provided by the Ministry of Education. Outstanding students will also be provided with scholarships, educational trips, and admission to training internships. Talk about paving the way for a future filled with passion on two wheels.

Registration for Ducati’s Fisica in Moto summer school is now open, and will remain open until June 5, 2024. Students looking to participate can send in their applications accompanied by an introductory video, a letter of endorsement from their physics teacher, and their report cards for the last two school years to

For more information, check out Ducati’s official website.

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