Listen, we've all been there, as desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. That's especially true when you need to get something home. Case in point: the guy above using a new tire as a belt while riding a motorcycle. 

Maybe you don't have a friend with a truck. Maybe you don't have a friend at all (our apologies). Maybe the tire company won't ship to your house or to the tire shop where you're going to get it installed. Whatever the case may be, you're gonna have to get the tire to wherever you need to get it.

And when your only mode of transportation is a motorcycle, how else are you going to do it besides carrying it around like a proto-Michelin Man? I mean, you could also just strap it to the pillion seat, but that'd be so norm-core.

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What I truly love about this image is the ingenuity of it. Rather than giving up and accepting the rider's inability to transport something, they found a solution. It's a weird solution, but a solution nonetheless. Might even protect them a bit if the worst were to happen and they got into an accident. Who needs an airbag when you have a built-in bumper? 

OK, so it's slightly sketchy. But what's sketchier is though they're in the process of getting a replacement rear tire, the current rear tire is toast. I mean, just look at how worn it is. If they encounter a single raindrop on the street, they're in a hedge. 

Please, for the love of all that's holy, don't let your tires get to that point. You will find yourself laying the bike down or far worse. Just replace the thing before your tire looks like that. Seriously. 

That said, I salute you, tire hero. You did something I've literally never seen before and proved you don't need a car or truck to carry stuff. All you need is a little chutzpah and a dream. 

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