Swedish electric mobility brand Cake is all about preserving the enjoyment of the two-wheeled lifestyle, while producing innovations that pave the way for the future of mobility. Its award-winning two-wheelers such as the Osa and the Kalk have proven that the brand’s got what it takes to be a major player in the mobility sector, and now, the brand takes this a step further with the Bukk electric dual sport, which has now begun deliveries in certain markets.

The highly anticipated Bukk serves as Cake’s foray into the popular dual-sport segment, preserving roadgoing practicality while offering impressive off-road capability. The first shipment of the Bukk, alongside the Limited Edition models, has begun deliveries, and full-scale production of the Bukk is slated for the spring of 2024.

CAKE Bukk - Front, Right

When it comes to performance, the Bukk sets a new standard when it comes to lightweight e-enduros. Tipping the scales at just 196 pounds, Cake says that the Bukk is the perfect blend of lightweight design, all-terrain durability, and dependable performance. It’s powered by the brand’s “Jante” motor, which is an Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor with a torque rating of 456 Nm (337 pound-feet) of torque. Thanks to this impressive amount of power, Cake claims a zero to 28-mile-per-hour sprint of just 2.15 seconds.

To complement the impressive powertrain, the Cake Bukk gets a lightweight chassis and fully adjustable suspension that comes in two packages – WP and Formula. With these, Cake caters to a variety of riding preferences, as well as folks with varying budgets. The bikes can also be configured either solely for off-road use, or for both street and off-road applications.

In Cake’s official press release, company founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn expressed his excitement for the launch of the Bukk. “Establishing a new category takes time. I feel encouraged to see that the market starts to adapt and understands that the future of riding is lightweight. With the Bukk platform, we're bringing unmatched light electric performance into the hands of our riders, it creates so many new riding opportunities and it sets the next chapter in lightweight electric off-road motorcycling history,” he stated.

CAKE Bukk - Jump

On top of that, testimonials from the likes of Mike Giese, the 2022 Cake Worlds Champion and ex-professional motocross racer, echoed Ytterborn’s statements. “The new bike was quite the experience. The added power and increase in suspension created a brand-new riding experience. You could go faster, jump further and ride the new bike on larger tracks. The geometry and ride felt closer to a motocross bike, further closing the gap between the Kalk and a traditional motocross bike. I am very much looking forward to seeing people's reactions to this new bike.”

Like all of Cake’s innovations, the Bukk is by no means cheap. Currently open for pre-order and customization via Cake’s official website, the Bukk commands quite a hefty MSRP of $11,070 USD. More information and configuration options for the new Bukk, as well as the rest of Cake’s lineup, is available via their official website.

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