Swedish e-mobility specialist Cake has a wide selection of electric two-wheelers that encompass different disciplines of riding. On the one hand, it has a fun-loving electric off-roader called the Kalk, and on the other hand, it has utility-focused machines such as the award-winning Ösa. With that being said, Cake has been gradually expanding outside of its home country, and has established a presence in different parts of Europe and the US.

The next step in Cake’s quest for world domination is China, which may come as quite a surprise considering how saturated the market is over there when it comes to small and compact electric two-wheelers. Nevertheless, Cake sees huge potential in the Chinese market, and has partnered up with Shanghai Forever, a large bicycle retailer in China boasting more than 80 years of experience.

Cake Makka - Riding - Right Side

As part of the partnership, Cake and Shanghai Forever have agreed on a whopping 130,000 electric motorcycles to be sold in China. Of course, should these bikes be well-received, Cake will be importing even more into the Chinese market.

To make things even better, Cake has teased a new model that’s currently being developed exclusively for the Chinese market. While details have yet to be revealed, the bike is scheduled for launch in the second half of 2024. If we take a look at the teaser image, we can tell that the China-spec bike will likely be a compact scooter with a step-through frame.

Cake Kalk OR RACE Wheelie

In Cake’s official press release, CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn explained that the Chinese market holds quite a lot of potential. “The transformation from a firm term sheet to a final contract signed in ink is an important milestone. It amplifies our capability to roll out high-quality, long-lasting vehicles, and to further influence the electric wave in China. With Forever, we have the capacity to inspire millions through the CAKE spectrum of purpose, innovation, performance and high quality, catering for product longevity and a greener environment.”

Meanwhile, Chen Shan, CEO of Shanghai Forever echoed Ytterborn’s statements saying, “The Chinese market is extremely large and filled with opportunities, especially in the development of green energy transportation solutions. We believe that with the technology and user/environment focused design language of CAKE bikes, we are able to truly tap into this new frontier for growth. We're ready and we can't wait to show everyone what we've got planned."

Cake’s lineup of electric motorcycles is expected to make its debut in China by November, 2023. According to the Cake, logistics and operations are already in motion. Apart from the Chinese market, Cake also has its sights set towards expansion in other parts of Europe, as well as in South America.

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