CAKE has received a number of awards in recent years not just because of its outstanding design, but also because of its efforts geared towards the betterment of the community. We’ve seen CAKE’s bikes used to protect wildlife in Africa, where Kalk bikes were used by rangers to drive away poachers. This time around, would-be owners of special edition CAKE bikes will be able to help the environment by protecting the bees.

Yes, you read that right—bees. As it would turn out, bees are extremely important for our ecosystem, as they’re largely responsible for the proliferation of various plant life. CAKE explains that the number of insects have decreased substantially in the past 30 years, causing the ecosystem to slow down. This is largely because of insecticides being used, which apparently, also kill important insects apart from the pests that are trying to be minimized.

CAKE KALK Flower Power Rose
CAKE KALK Flower Power Comflower

As such, to address this issue, CAKE is helping the World Bee Project, a private initiative geared towards the preservation of the environment, with a limited edition line of Kalk bikes under the Flower Power Limited Edition model range. According to Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of CAKE, “The Flower Power initiative is a small contribution sharing the painful reality of our fragile ecosystem, where everyone is obligated to change and take action.”

The CAKE Kalk models under the Flower Power Limited Edition model range will come in seven different color options. Each of the color options represent flowers that are easy to grow and essential for the survival of bees, and are limited to 20 of each color. To directly help the World Bee Project, five percent of the profits from these bikes will be donated to the organization. As you probably already know by now, the CAKE Kalk is a thoroughly impressive electric motorcycle. Boasting the maneuverability and agility of a mountain bike, but with the performance of a small dirt bike, this electric two-wheeler can do some crazy stuff.

As for the World Bee Project, it has a unique way of finding solutions to problems plaguing the natural world. As its name suggests, it makes use of bee-derived intelligence to create data-driven solutions to address the needs of the environment. On top of that, it leverages on Artificial Intelligence, as well as world-leading bee research to address issues in biodiversity, climate change, food shortages, and general human wellbeing.

For more information on CAKE’s Flower Power limited edition model range, be sure to visit CAKE’s official website linked below. Additionally, to get more info about the World Bee Project, as well as to be able to support their cause in your own way, you can check out their website also linked below.

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