Poaching has always presented itself as a serious concern, particularly in the wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. To address this, several initiatives from hundreds, if not thousands of private and public organizations have been mounted over the years, all of which geared towards putting an end to poaching. The latest initiative involves popular Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE.

In January 2020, CAKE provided special edition Kalk electric dirt bikes to the South African Wildlife College (SAWC), to aid wildlife rangers in monitoring, preventing, and apprehending illegal poaching activity. For years now, park rangers had been using gasoline-powered dirt bikes while on patrol. Perhaps the biggest issue with traditional dirt bikes is their noisy engines, which would give away their presence long before they enter the poachers' line of sight. This would then give the criminals ample time to pack up and hightail it away from the scene. 

The CAKE Kalk Is Being Used By Rangers Against Poaching In Africa

Because of this, CAKE set out to develop a special edition Kalk dirt bike specific for the rangers. In close collaboration with the SAWC, CAKE's product development team unveiled the Kalk AP; an all-electric dirt bike that's exponentially quieter than any gas-powered motorcycle out there. What makes things even better is that the Kalk AP is also more sustainable and in no way poses a threat to the natural ecology of the area, given the fact that it's a zero-emissions machine. 

The use of the CAKE Kalk AP presents even more benefits to the SAWC's anti-poaching initiative, as it requires less logistics to keep in operation. Traditional motorcycles required fuel to be shipped or flown in via helicopters and large trucks. Whereas the CAKE Kalk AP simply needs to be plugged into a power outlet and left for a couple of hours to juice up. What's even better is that Goal Zero, a leading solar power company, has joined in on the initiative with a high-power solar kit capable of charging the Kalk AP on the go. 

The CAKE Kalk Is Being Used By Rangers Against Poaching In Africa

Theresa Sovry, CEO of the SAWC, expressed her excitement towards the initiative stating, ”We are very proud to be partnering with CAKE and Goal Zero to test these electric off-road bikes given the impact that this could have on countering poaching across Africa.” As of September, 2021, South African wildlife rangers have already received the first batch of CAKE Kalk AP dirt bikes, and are getting accustomed to its performance. It's only a matter of time until performance-oriented electric dirt bikes like the CAKE Kalk AP become a staple in wildlife conservation parks and sanctuaries all over the world.

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