Chinese motorcycle manufacturer QJMotor has established itself as one of the fastest growing motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Already working towards establishing a global presence, QJMotor has a growing presence outside of its home country, most notably in Europe and parts of Asia. More recently, it was announced that QJ Motor was to enter the US market through a distribution agreement with SSR Motorsports.

That being said, the brand has proven itself as a powerhouse when it comes to churning out new models – though it remains to be seen how the test of time will treat all these new bikes. Speaking of new models, the brand recently unveiled the TQ electric scooter during the Chongqing Motorcycle Expo. Electric two-wheelers are picking up quite a lot of steam all over the world, particularly when it comes to urban mobility, and so new electric two-wheelers like the TQ, especially from a brand as big as QJ Motor, are hard to ignore.

QJMotor Wants To Electrify Your Daily Commute With New TQ Scooter

The TQ was launched in three versions, with the most powerful model dishing out the equivalent of just 3.4 horsepower. This makes it more like an electric moped than an actual electric motorcycle. The other two iterations have 1,000-watt (1.4-horsepower) and 800-watt (1.1-horsepower) outputs, which make them much more approachable to riders with zero experience on two wheels. With that being said, it remains unclear whether they will require a license to operate, should they be launched outside of China, but chances are they’ll be subject to the same rules concerning light electric vehicles in different countries.

All three iterations of the QJ Motor TQ are powered by a rear hub motor, and also come with three battery options. The most affordable of the lot comes with a conventional lead-acid battery pack, while the more premium offerings are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that promises a range of up to 120 kilometers (75 miles) on a single charge.

QJMotor Wants To Electrify Your Daily Commute With New TQ Scooter

Other features include automatic locking, ambient light sensing headlights, a reverse gear, and even multi-axis sensors that can detect a tip over. QJ Motor hasn’t revealed the weight of the new electric scooter, but claims that it has a maximum payload capacity of 150 kilograms. The TQ rolls on tiny 12-inch front and 10-inch rear tires, and comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes.

As of this writing, pricing of the new QJ Motor TQ scooter has yet to be announced. It’s also unclear whether the new model will be sold outside of China, however, if the company does plan to launch it in Europe, it already has a growing dealer network in the region.

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