A new graphic option for the Shoei Neotec 3 is on its way in Japan called the Grasp, and it’s either a tri-color or a bi-color helmet that meets the latest safety standards and comes with the latest and greatest touring tech from the Japanese helmet maker. 

Shoei had to update its entire range of products. All of its models moved on generation up thanks to the ECE 22.06 requirements and the apparent age of the Neotec 2. Apart from this helmet, there are also other lids that got updates such as the GT Air 3 and the X-Fifteen to name a few. Shoei’s going to town with its lineup, and it was after the global launch that the brand started to roll out new graphics for it. 

The Grasp graphic is a modern design with swoops and shapes around the helmet that play along the lines of a sport tourer or adventure tourer. The graphic is also available in an array of colors that fit the color palates of many popular motorcycle brands. 

Match your Honda, Ducati, or Aprilia with the Black/Red or the White/Black colorways. If you’re a GS owner, or if you have solid plans to buy the new R 1300 GS, then the Blue/White variant could be for you.

Either that or if safety and visibility are a priority, then the Yellow/Black option should serve you well. 

Japan will receive this new colorway in December 2023. However, Europe already enjoys the availability of the Neotec 3 in the Grasp graphic based on the online retailers’ listings. 

As for the Neotec 3’s specs, we’re looking at a Shoei AIM+ shell (Advanced integrated Matrox Plus Multi-Fiber), the JIS sticker for the Japanese market, the new latching mechanism for the Neotec 3’s CNS-3C main visor. 

For other markets, the Neotec 3 is ECE 22.06 certified, making it one of the safest lids out there. Slap on the Shoei name and you have yourself a modular helmet that will definitely be on the wishlists of any rider who wants one of the best flip-up helmets in the market for safe and comfy-quiet touring. 

The sale price of the Neotec 3 in the Grasp graphic will be at 88,000 JPY, converted to American, we’re looking at a price of about $590 USD.

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