Shoei released its flagship road racing helmet, the X-SPR Pro, in Europe in June, 2022. After testing the prototype in MotoGP, the new model succeeded the brand’s iconic X-Spirit 3. In the United States, that same model goes by the X-Fourteen moniker, and Shoei finally revealed its predecessor, the X-Fifteen, on May 4, 2023.

For the new model, the Japanese helmet maker maintains its proprietary AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell construction. However, the designers mold the layers of fiberglass, organic/glass fibers, and polyester resin into an improved aerodynamic shape. The model’s narrowed lower third (chin bar to rear) and new cranial ridges work in concert with the integrated rear spoiler, lower air spoiler, and rear stabilizer flaps. Complemented by the vortex generators on the Pinlock-compatible CWR-F2R shield, the fine-tuned shell reduces drag by 6.1 percent and lift by 1.6 percent.

Gallery: Shoei X-Fifteen Helmet

Air doesn’t just flow over the helmet, but streams through the heavily revised ventilation system as well. Seven intakes, six exhaust ports, interior channels, and a cooling cheek pad system strategically distribute the incoming airflow. Those looking for additional relief can now fit a hydration system for warm track sessions or long-distance endurance races.

On the safety front, the X-Fifteen benefits from a two-stage locking shield mechanism, an updated shield base, and an E.Q.R.S. security system (Emergency Quick Release System). Shoei also employs a multi-piece, multi-density EPS liner to mitigate impact forces in key areas. In addition to DOT approval, these safety preparations nab the X-Fifteen Snell M2020R and ECE22.06 certifications.

Optimal vision is also a key component to safe riding on- and off-track, so the distortion-free CWR-F2R shield now sports a Pinlock Evo lens with 10 percent more coverage. Shoei doesn’t just increase lateral vision. The designers opened the eye-port by five millimeters, improving the rider’s vision when in a full-tuck position.

Available in sizes XS-XXL, the X-Fifteen comes in Solid ($899.99), Matte Solid ($919.99), Graphics ($999.99), and Race Replicas ($1049.99).

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