Shoei is a helmet company that needs little to no introduction. The Japanese brand supplies head protection for some of the best riders out in the world and because there is a new safety standard out right now, Shoei is stepping up to the plate once again to introduce the update to one of its most successful model lines in its history, the GT-Air. 

The third iteration of the popular GT-Air model line now falls In line with the ECE 22.06 homologation. The GT-Air 3 is the safest GT-Air yet boasting all of the latest and greatest developments from Shoei’s labs in Japan and in keeping with the safety standards set by the European Commission. The Shoei Neotec 3 was also updated recently, and it also gets the new 22.06 homologation. 

Blink and you will miss it. The Shoei GT-Air 3 features a very similar design to the GT-Air 2. The shell is similar to the old model, and when finished in the familiar matte blue from the GT-Air 2, from afar you might be hard-pressed to tell the two apart. However, there are marked improvements made to the GT-Air 3, which include a revision to the venting scheme on the helmet, a redesigned main visor with a centrally-located spring-loaded latch mechanism, slightly revised aerodynamics, and an enlarged sunvisor. The brand has also kept the comms unit adapter on the side, and it also made a note of its Shoei Comlink system on its website. 

Inside, there are a few minor revisions that were made, which were perhaps made due to the parameters set by ECE 22.06. While it’s not totally certain, Shoei has improved the chinstrap and made it lighter, more pleasant to use, and still as convenient as ratchet straps go. Still made of stainless steel, it promises ample security but with the convenience of a ratchet retention system. 

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Not a lot of numbers were thrown out by Shoei in its preview, however, if the reputation of the GT-Air 2 was anything to go by, we might be looking at one of the quietest helmets in the market once the GT-Air 3 officially goes on sale. 

As for the other details in and surrounding this helmet, we’ll be getting three different shell sizes, from XS to M, L with its own shell, and XL to XXL with another shell size in the lineup. As for the cheek pads, there will be four sizes available which include 31, 35, 39, and 43 mm models. A Pinlock shield will be included in the box, as well as a chin curtain.

Talking colors now, we’re seeing a similar lineup to the GT-Air 2, mostly anyway. In solids, you get Black, Matt Black, Matt Blue Metallic, Brilliant Yellow, Matt Deep Grey, and White. Following that, you get a bunch of graphic options which include the Discipline TC-1, TC-2, and TC-6, the Realm TC-1, TC-5, and TC-10, plus the Scenario TC-3 and TC-5. 

The page doesn’t make a note of when the helmet will be available for sale or the official retail price, however, we’re sure that the helmet will at least come before 2023 ends—hopefully. As for availability in the United States, we’ll keep you posted. 

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