Shoei is regarded as one of the best helmet manufacturers in the world. In its model range, it has helmets that cater to all disciplines of motorcycling. Now, the Japanese helmet manufacturer has renewed its popular Neotec range of modular helmets. Nearly five years on the market, the Neotec II has proven to be a favorite among touring and commuting riders.

This time around, the Shoei Neotec 3 hopes to take everything we love about the Neotec II and make it even better. Let's kick things off with safety. The biggest difference here is that the new Neotec 3 is compliant with the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard. As such it features refined construction pertaining to the shell and interior lining. It still retains its P/J homologation, so it's approved safe to ride with the chin bar both up and down. More specifically, the Neotec 3 gets a shell made of AIM fiber, offered in three sizes spread across a total of seven helmet sizes.  

Shoei Refreshes Its Modular Touring Helmet With New Neotec 3

Up on the forehead and down on the chin guard, the helmet gets large air intakes designed to maximize airflow. There are also two air extractors at the rear, further ensuring hot air is channeled away from the rider's head. The helmet's visor consists of a CNS-3 screen with an anti-scratch coating and Pinlock anti-fog lens as standard. On the inside, it gets a QSC-2 drop-down sun visor. 

As we move to the inside of the helmet, we find completely removable inner liners that are washable for prolonged longevity. Like before, the cheek pads can be swapped out with different densities according to your preferences. A splash guard and nose warmer are all included, too, and the helmet is secured via a quick-release micrometric buckle. It's also compatible with various intercom kits, but the Neotec 3 is configured to be ready to accommodate the newest Shoei ComLink technology

Shoei Refreshes Its Modular Touring Helmet With New Neotec 3

Last but not least, let's take a look at the style. Like before, it follows the same aesthetic as that of a sporty touring helmet, but it's clear to see that this helmet favors a more upright seating position. The AIM composite fiber shell has also been contoured for better aerodynamics, and this time around, integrates a small spoiler at the back. 

Shoei offers the new Neotec 3 in a wide selection of seven plain colors and six graphic options. Sizes range from 2XS all the way to 2XL, and the lid comes in three different shell sizes to optimize safety and fit. Prices start at 669 Euros, or approximately $718 USD, for the plain versions. 

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