Are you familiar with Ultraviolette? If you are, chances are good that you’ve seen the Bangalore, India-based electric motorcycle startup’s first motorcycle, the F77. Riders in India have already had access to it, but those of us located outside that country have not yet had that experience.

If you’re intrigued by its design, then you’ll want to know that Ultraviolette is set to make its international debut at EICMA 2023. It’s bringing the F77 in its international specification to the show floor, so attendees will be able to check it out for the first time in person. 

In fact, the international motorcycle show will be the unveiling of the international-spec F77, which the firm says is about to be announced for European market release. Details about the exact specifications of this version of the F77 have not yet been released, but should become available after Ultraviolette’s EICMA press conference. It's currently scheduled to take place on November 8, 2023. 

While we can’t tell you about the international spec F77 just yet, here’s a refresher on the F77 as released in India. 

Gallery: New Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition Launched In India

Ultraviolette in India 

As sold in India, Ultraviolette’s claims about the F77 are as follows: 152 kilometer per hour (about 94.4 mph) top speed; 307 km (190 miles) of range; 2.9-second zero to 60 kp/h time (that’s 37.2 mph); and 100 newton-meters (or 73.7 pound feet) of torque. Just as a reminder, manufacturers routinely can and do claim what they want on paper. 

To keep potential customers excited about the F77, Ultraviolette frequently and consistently released development updates as it brought the F77 to market. This included everything from posting test videos with fighter pilots to world record attempts with the F77. It also began delivering motorcycles to customers in early 2023, and reviews so far have mainly been positive. (RideApart has not yet ridden an F77, so we cannot comment from experience; only report what we have observed.) 

How is the Ultraviolette F77 priced in India? As with just about every motorcycle you’ll find (electric, combustion, or otherwise), pricing depends on specification. In India, current pricing for the Ultraviolette F77 range starts at 380 lakh rupees and goes up to 560 lakh rupees. As converted on November 1, 2023, that’s equivalent to about $4,564 to $6,725. 

As a reminder, many motorcycle manufacturers in 2023 sell their bikes internationally, and pricing is frequently not a direct conversion from a bike’s home market to any other international market. Things like shipping costs, taxes, and other fees usually come into play—as well as keeping prices competitive in any given segment. It’s not yet clear how Ultraviolette plans to price the F77 in Europe, but that information should become available soon. 

What if you aren’t in India or Europe, but you’re interested in Ultraviolette? 

Ultraviolette Rollout Calendar - Screenshot Captured November 1 2023

Ultraviolette Rollout Calendar, Screenshot captured November 1, 2023

The company currently has a rollout calendar posted on its website. If all goes according to plan, Ultraviolette is in the midst of completing Phase Two. Phases One and Two covered a variety of regions in India, beginning with Bangalore and expanding throughout the country.

Phase Three starts with Europe, which is presumably what the EICMA 2023 announcement will begin for Ultraviolette. Other international regions mentioned in Phase Three of the rollout calendar are North America, South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. As of November 1, 2023, all regions and/or countries mentioned in Phase Three are marked To Be Announced, including Europe. 

We’ll continue to post more information as we have it. Are you interested in the Ultraviolette F77? Do you want to try one, or have you ridden one already? Let us know in the comments.

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