It seems like the electric motorcycle market consists of two poles: premium flagship models and lightweight urban mobility options. For example, the LiveWire One offers 100 horsepower and a three-second 0-60-mph time, but that all comes with a $21,999 price tag. Conversely, the Sondors Metacycle only achieves an 80-mph top speed and an 80-mile range, but it also costs just $5,999.

While many electric motorbike manufacturers rush to the fringes of the segment, India’s Ultraviolette is more than happy to claim the middle ground. The firm’s first electric platform, the F77, delivers the performance of a 400-500cc internal combustion motorcycle, but Ultraviolette doesn’t skimp on the fit and finish. Outfitted like a top-tier model, the F77 features futuristic styling, a TFT dash, and LED lighting.

Yet, Ultraviolette maintains the electric’s practicality on Indian roadways. Just because you look fast doesn’t mean you have to go fast, and the F77 balances aggression with pragmatism. It may only pull accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds, but the e-roadster reaches a 94-mph top speed and a range of over 125 miles. The F77 doesn't bombard riders with blistering velocity, yet Ultraviolette has imbued the upcoming model with a performance-oriented spirit.

There’s no better way to bolster that unique blend of speed and sensibility than to give India’s celebrated fighter pilots a shot at the F77. Held on India’s 75th Independence Day, Ultraviolette invited 12 members from the country’s fighter pilot community to the TAAL Aerodrome in Tamil Nadu, India, for a memorable test ride.

From Senior Pilots in the Indian Armed Forces to flying instructors, the 12 Top Guns had nothing but praise for the bike’s handling and braking. Surprisingly, the F77’s acceleration received the highest marks, forcing Ultraviolette to censor several utterances of the model’s high-performance ride mode.

Earning a co-sign from some of the most skilled pilots India has to offer not only builds hype for the upcoming electric but also makes us even more intrigued to see the F77 in its final form. The brand aims to roll out the first of the 15,000 available units in September, 2022. Pilots love it. It's almost time to find out if customers do too.

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