The ultra-futuristic Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle was set to debut in the Indian market back in 2019. However, given a few hitches in its development, as well as, of course, the onset of the global pandemic, caused the launch to be delayed. That said, Ultraviolette didn’t sit idly during its downtime.

As it would turn out, the company already had a pretty decent prototype that could have made it to production. As such, it decided to further improve upon it. Many EV enthusiasts in India would agree that Ultraviolette is one of the most promising electric vehicle brands in India. While a good number of other Indian manufacturers focus on budget-focused, ultra-economical two-wheelers, Ultraviolette is tackling things from a more performance-oriented approach. The upcoming F77 delivers performance figures akin to that of a 400cc to 500cc internal-combustion-powered motorbike. This means we could certainly expect to see a lot of happy enthusiasts when the bike officially makes it debut.

Ultraviolette Set To Debut F77 Electric Motorcycle Soon

Ultraviolette claims that the F77 is capable of hitting a top speed of 94 miles per hour, and achieve a zero-to-sixty time of 7.5 seconds. While these aren’t by any means stellar when compared to top-shelf electric machines from the likes of Energica and even Zero, they’re pretty decent when using India’s congested city streets as their setting. As for range, the prototype of the F77 showcased back in 2019 had a range of 130 to 150 kilometers (81 to 94 miles), it’s expected that the revisions made to the bike will now stretch these figures beyond the 200-kilometer (125-mile) mark.

In an article published by Indian automotive website DriveSpark, the co-founder of Ultraviolette Narayan Subramaniam was quoted saying: “We were functional and that one year went in just getting the packs and cell manufacturer agnostic. Another thing that happened was switching from 18,650 to 21,700 format. Our first four years of battery tech was completely designed for 18,650 but saw the industry evolving. What we initially planned was the second generation of the F77 would go into 21,700 but this Covid window that we got, we fast-tracked that development.”

The Ultraviolette F77 is expected to debut later in 2022, with production numbers initially limited to 15,000 units. THat said, as the bike enters the market, the company will adjust its production depending on demand. The company’s production facility, after all, has a production capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year.

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