You’ve probably heard about Kymco, but not about its partner brand Felo. Felo is a brand that’s recently partnered up with Kymco in order to deliver electric scooters. The latest model in the lineup is a small 4-kilowatt scooter called the FW03.

If you remember the The Felo FW06 Is A Tech Lover's Electric Scooter Dream, this model will seem familiar. Shortly after the launch, Kymco announced that it will be partnering with Super SOCO and FELO Technologies in order to create new models together. The three companies plan to share development resources together to create new electric models.

Positioned as a lineup of sports scooters, the FW series has some interesting technology that puts it closer to a motorcycle such as the two-speed gearbox that the models employ like the FW06.

FELO FW03 Rear Quarter
FELO FW03 White
FELO FW03 Yellow

The FW03 is a smaller version of the FW06 model launched last month. The electric motor is rated at 4 kilowatts of power which translates to about 5.3 horsepower. Torque figures are pinned at 14.7-pound feet, and the model draws from a 48-Volt, 30 amp-hour rechargeable lithium battery that tops up in 6 to 8 hours and is guaranteed to last up to five years before needing a replacement.

FELO FW03 Seat
FELO FW03 Rear Swingarm

Felo’s FW03 is small, sporting 12-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels. It’s also interesting to see that Felo outfitted the model with knobby tires in 100/90 and 130/90 sizes for the front and rear, respectively. For braking, the model gets a combination system with the front on the right and the rear on the left like a standard scooter.

As for its other features, the model gets LED lights all around, and a five-inch digital instrument cluster with a dedicated app for remote functions.

FELO FW03 Top View
FELO FW03 Hand Guard
FELO FW03 Chassis

Two versions of the model will be fielded, Strada, and Off-Road. The Strada variant will be limited to 31 miles per hour (50 kilometers per hour), and weirdly enough, the Off-road variation can do up to about 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour). The published range figures are 74.5 miles and 62 miles, respectively (120 kilometers and 100 kilometers).

For now, the model is only available in China, but there is no telling whether Kymco will scoop up the little e-scoot and market it to the world. Given current exchange rates, the Strada variant will set you back about $2,315 USD (¥15,500 CNY), and the off-road version will cost about $2,800 USD (¥18,800 CNY). Take into account that these are the prices overseas which could change depending on the region.

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